Many Edmontonians live within a 10-minute walk of a natural area park. These parks are different from conventional, manicured parks. They are managed in a way that puts nature first, by protecting native wildlife habitat and natural processes. These parks also let us learn about nature right in our own backyard.

City-wide Natural Area Management Plan

To effectively manage this natural area system, the City developed the  City-Wide Natural Area Management Plan (NAMP) (7.06 MB) to support the management of the ecological network as a whole. 

The plan sets out guiding principles, management objectives and strategies that are common to all natural areas throughout the City. When a new natural area is protected, the objectives and strategies are applied to the new site. 

In addition, when a new natural area is protected, a site-specific management plan will be developed for that area. The site-specific plan provides additional management strategies based on the unique features and management requirements of that particular natural area site.

Conservation Atlas

This map provides information about the natural area parks in Edmonton's tablelands (the flat lands above the River Valley and ravines). Explore these natural area parks and learn how to access them, and what plants and wildlife you might find at each.

Poplar LakeCanossa TreestandDunluce TreestandBaranow TreestandCumberland TreestandHenry Singer WetlandsDunvegan TreestandSecord TreestandSecord WetlandWinterburn WoodlandCallingwood TreestandOleskiw TreestandGariepy TreestandSection 19 WoodlotRamsay Heights TreestandFalconer Heights TreestandHodgson WetlandSouthwest HighlandAmbleside TreestandSouthwest MixedwoodNorth Virginia Park WoodlandVirginia Park WoodlandGreenfield TreestandGraunke ParkStarblanket ParkPollard MeadowsSoutheast Corner SloughMaple Ridge WetlandFulton Marsh Constructed WetlandRoper Pond Constructed Wetland

Park Listing

No. Identifier Name Neighbourhood
1 NE 8099 Poplar Lake Klarvatten
2 NW 7017A Canossa Treestand Canossa
3 NW 643 Dunluce Treestand Dunluce
4 NW 7123 Baranow Treestand Baranow
5 NW 77 Cumberland Treestand Cumberland
6 NW 7060 Henry Singer Wetlands Rampart
7 NW 644 Dunvegan Treestand Athlone
8 NW 7010A Secord Treestand Secord
9 NW 7010D Secord Wetland Secord
10 NW 302 Winterburn Woodland Hamptons
11 NW 640 Callingwood Treestand Canossa
12 NW 638 Oleskiw Treestand Oleskiw
13 NW 641 Gariepy Treestand Gariepy
14 NW 384 Section 19 Woodlot Rural West
15 SW 6104 Ramsay Heights Treestand Ramsay Heights
16 SW 711 Falconer Heights Treestand Falconer Heights
17 SW 6002 Hodgson Wetland Hodgson
18 SW 86 Southwest Highland Magrath
19 SW 40 Ambleside Treestand Ambleside
20 SW 6001 Southwest Mixedwood Natural Area Rutherford
21 SW 74 North Virginia Park Woodland MacEwan
22 SW 31 Virginia Park Woodland Rutherford
23 SW 6112 Greenfield Treestand Greenfield
24 SE 404 Graunke Park Weinlos
25 SE 405 Starblanket Park Bisset
26 SE 407 Pollard Meadows Natural Area Pollard Meadows
27 SE 5010 Southeast Corner Slough Rural Southeast
28 SE 238 Maple Ridge Wetland Maple Ridge Industrial
29   Fulton Marsh Constructed Wetland The Meadows
30   Roper Pond Constructed Wetland Roper Industrial