Pollard Meadows

This deciduous treestand occupies a space adjacent to a school site in the southeast corner of the City. Because of its location next to an elementary school, this site provides an opportunity for learning about and appreciating nature, particularly for school children. Class field trips to this woodlot could provide children with insights into biology and natural history; while time spent exploring these woods during recess could help develop an appreciation and awareness of the environment. Though the surrounding residential areas limit the use of this treestand by larger animals, many smaller creatures can be found here. Many of the common birds in Edmonton may be found including the smallest of our woodpeckers – the downy woodpecker. Looking down towards the ground one may see a deer mouse or a red-backed vole scurry across one of the many small trails that meander through this natural area.

Site Map

Pollard Meadows map

Site Information

Area 1.2 ha
Year Protected 1984
Neighbourhood Pollard Meadows
Conservation Method(s) Municipal Reserve
Location & Access 1721 48 St.
Parking available along residential roads and trail access provided through portions of the treestand.
Habitat Type Tableland Forest

Getting there and around

As mentioned above, this treestand is located adjacent to the Pollard Meadows School at 1721 48 Street N.W. There are several local roads that provide parking space to access this site and the school parking area may be accessed at off-hours. Several unimproved trails are also present at this site that allow access to the interior of the treestand.

What you might see or hear

The Pollard Meadows natural area is a relatively small urban treestand and so does not provide habitat for larger animals; however, you will find a variety of bird and small mammal species and an assortment of shrub and herbaceous plants at this site.


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