This page contains important information about the ecological information requirements associated with planning applications. For more general information about the planning approval process, please visit City Planning.

Policy C531 (link to Attachment 1 maps below) is the City's Natural Area Systems Policy, and was approved by Council in 2007. The Policy outlines certain information requirements that must be met at key points in the development process, including the creation of new plans (Area Structure Plans, Servicing Concept Design Briefs, Neighbourhood Area Structure Plans, Neighbourhood Structure Plans and Industrial Plans) and major amendments to existing plans.

Policy C531 Attachment 1 Maps:

Edmonton's Ecological Network

Edmonton's Natural Areas in 2005

Ecological Information Requirements

The following information requirements are associated with natural area planning and conservation, and are described in more detail in the sections below:

  • Ecological Network Reports (phase I and II)
  • Ecological Design Reports (at the discretion of the Sustainable Development department)
  • Natural Site Assessments
  • Environmental Review Requirements for the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (Bylaw 7188)
  • Public Lands and Water Act Review Information
  • Natural Area Management Plans

Please select the applicable stage of planning for more information about ecological information requirements.

Area Structure Plan (ASP) Applications or Servicing Concept Design Brief (SCDB) Applications

Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) Applications

Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) Applications

NOTE: Information requirements may apply at subsequent planning stages if they were not originally completed at the appropriate stage. Please see the Natural Area Systems Policy or contact the Office of Biodiversity( for more information.

Conservation Planning Checklist

A guide for planners, applicants and consultants outlining conservation requirements related to development in Edmonton.

Conservation Planning Checklist

Environmental Reserve Guidelines

Guidelines for Determining Environmental Reserve Dedication (Approved by Senior Management Team in 2007)

These guidelines have been developed for determining an appropriate buffer zone for wetlands and other water bodies with respect to lands to be dedicated as Environmental Reserve (ER). They are based on several sources of information including a literature review and guidelines from other jurisdictions. For a more thorough explanation of the rationale for these guidelines, please see the accompanying background document below.

Background Document for ER Guidelines

Additional Supporting Information

Please visit the Resources section for additional supporting information, including detailed maps and inventories of Edmonton's natural areas and ecological network, City policies and plans, and provincial legislation.