The following is a list of resources related to the protection, management and state of Edmonton's natural areas.

City-Approved Policies

These policies have been approved by Edmonton City Council or Corporate Leadership Team.

Natural Area Systems Policy (Policy C531)

Environmental Policy (Policy C512)

Corporate Tree Management Policy (Policy C456C)

Integrated Pest Management Policy (Policy C501A)

Parkland and North Saskatchewan River Valley Utility Installation Policy (Policy C307)

Open Space Policy (Policy C594)

City-Approved Plans

These plans have been approved by Edmonton City Council or Corporate Leadership Team.

Natural Connections Strategic Conservation Plan
The City of Edmonton's strategic natural areas conservation plan. This plan introduces an ecological network approach to planning for the protection of Edmonton's natural areas.

The Way We Green
Edmonton's environmental strategic plan.

Municipal Development Plan (The Way We Grow)
The City of Edmonton's highest level strategic plan - directs Edmonton's growth and development. Several priority statements address natural areas protection.

Urban Parks Management Plan
This plan will guide the acquisition, maintenance, development, preservation and use of parkland from 2006 - 2016.

North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan
Addresses the protection of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System as part of Edmonton's natural areas network, and establishes the principles for future implementation plans and programs for parks development.

Ribbon of Green Concept Plan
Ribbon of Green Master Plan
The current planning framework for open space development in the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System. The Concept Plan presents "a collective public vision for the River Valley" and establishes the framework for the Master Plan. The Master Plan establishes policy guidelines for the "long-term development, use and care of the entire valley".

The City of Edmonton's Green Network Strategy.  The main goal of this strategy is to plan and sustain a healthy city by encouraging connection and integration of open space at the site, neighbourhood, city and regional levels.

Inventory Documents

Environmental Sensitivity Project (2017)

Urban Primary Land and Vegetation Inventory (2015)

Rural Southeast Wetland Assessment (Spencer Environmental 2011)

2008 Natural Areas Loss Assessment (Golder 2009)

2007 Natural Areas Loss Assessment (Golder 2008)

Edmonton State of Natural Areas Report (Spencer Environmental 2006)

Natural Areas in Edmonton: An Assessment of Conservation Value and Potential (Geowest 1999)

Inventory of Environmentally Sensitive and Significant Natural Areas (Geowest 1993)

Urban Natural History Interpretive Sites In and Adjacent To Edmonton (City of Edmonton 1986)

Workshop Presentations and Materials

Integrating Natural Wetlands and Improving Design of Naturalized Stormwater Management Facilities in the City of Edmonton

Local Action for Biodiversity Documents

Biodiversity Report
An inventory of local City and community biodiversity initiatives, as well as an overview of Edmonton's conservation governance structure.

Biodiversity Action Plan
An action plan which provides implementation direction for the Natural Connections Strategic Plan.

Conservation Checklist

Conservation Planning Checklist
A guide for planners, applicants and consultants, outlining conservation requirements related to development in Edmonton.

Information Requirements for New City of Edmonton Plans and Major Amendments to Existing Plans

The City's Natural Area Systems Policy (C-531) governs the City's conservation planning and management, and sets out particular information requirements for planning applications. More information can be found at the Planning Applications webpage.

Alberta Legislation and Guides

Alberta Land Use Framework (Government of Alberta 2009)
Consists of seven strategies to improve land-use decision-making in Alberta, including the development of regional land-use plans and cumulative effects management to consider development impact on land, air and water.

Alberta's Wetlands: A Law and Policy Guide (Arlene Kwasniak - Environmental Law Centre 2001)
Outlines the various laws and policies that may affect the condition and/or existence of Alberta's wetlands.

Alberta Wetland Policy: Wetland Management in the Settled Areas of Alberta (Alberta Water Resources Commission 1993)
Alberta's current wetland policy.

Land Use Policies (Alberta Municipal Affairs 1996)
Intended to help municipalities to harmonize provincial and municipal policy initiatives at the local land-use planning level.

The Legislative Framework for Municipal Planning, Subdivision and Development Control (Alberta Municipal Affairs 2002)
Discusses the legislated municipal planning framework, outlines the steps in the subdivision and development control process, and notes the statutory exemptions and limitations to municipal planning authority.

Sustainable Resource Development's Standard Recommendations to Municipal Subdivision Referrals (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development 2012)
Includes recommended minimum Environmental Reserve widths.

Water Bodies and the Management of Bed and Shores (Alberta Sustainable Resource Development 1997)
An information sheet about the ownership and management of the bed and shore of water bodies in Alberta.

Other Guides and Resources

Wetland Strategy (13MB) (City of Edmonton 2012)

Planning Considerations for Wildlife Passages in Urban Areas (Government of Alberta 2011)

A document providing project-specific guidance for determining whether wildlife accommodation is required, and best practices for incorporating such a consideration into environmental assessments.

Canadian Ecological Gifts Program Handbook (Environment Canada 2011)

A handbook intended for use by donors, recipients, and others interested in the federal government's Ecological Gifts Program. This program provides a way for Canadian who own ecologically sensitive land to protect nature in exchange for significant tax benefits.