Photo of a creek in a natural area.

A healthy ecological network is important for many reasons.

A healthy ecological network is important for many reasons:

  • It provides habitat for native plants and wildlife
  • It supports natural processes (soil regeneration, flood prevention, waste decomposition, crop pollination, seed dispersal), which we depend on for our survival
  • It connects urban dwellers with the natural world – right in our own backyard! – giving us a chance to learn about plants, wildlife and natural processes
  • It gives us beautiful places to exercise, relax and unwind, which supports our physical and mental well-being

Through careful stewardship, we can make sure that our local ecological network and the biodiversity it supports is protected. That’s why the City and its community partners are working to “Protect, restore, maintain and enhance a system of conserved natural areas within a functioning and interconnected ecological network.”

For more information, see The City Plan, The City of Edmonton's Municipal Development Plan and Transportation Master Plan.