The extreme weather response will be deactivated on Saturday, August 7 due to more moderate weather in the forecast.

Warmer Weather Edmonton Response

The City activated its extreme weather response on July 31, to keep vulnerable people safe during the hot weather. The response remains in place, while temperatures arehigh, and Environment Canada heat warnings are in effect. Peace Officers will carrywater bottles for distribution to vulnerable people they meet. 

Anyone needing a break from the heat may go to an open City facility. Access cannot be guaranteed due to capacity limits, but the following spaces have planned to offer access and bottled water:

  • Kinsmen Sports Centre
  • Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre
  • Clareview Community Recreation Centre
  • Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre
  • The Meadows Community Recreation Centre
  • The Orange Hub
  • Mill Woods Recreation Centre
  • Londonderry Fitness and Leisure Centre

Some facilities do not have enough indoor space to accommodate people inside, but have still planned to provide bottled water. These include:

  • Fred Broadstock pool
  • Queen Elizabeth outdoor pool
  • Oliver outdoor pool
  • Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre
  • Muttart Conservatory
  • Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • Jasper Place Leisure Centre
  • O’Leary Fitness and Leisure Centre
  • Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Centre

As part of the response , the City began a pilot project. City crews built water bottle filling stations that attach to fire hydrants. Water bottle filling stations give 24/7 access to fresh water.

Anyone can fill up their water bottle at 1 of 5 hydrants. The following hydrants have water taps attached:

Look Out for Others

If you are concerned about someone outside in the extreme heat, you can help:

Call 211 and press 3 for the 24/7 Crisis Diversion Team. They can assist individuals who may be in distress and can provide transportation to social service agencies.
Call 911 in cases of emergency.

Sector Emergency Response

The City activated its extreme weather response after consultation with partners in the Sector Emergency Response, a collaboration between the City, Homeward Trust, and more than 25 other agencies working together to ensure Edmonton’s most vulnerable people are safe during adverse weather conditions. Environment Canada’s weather forecast was also taken into consideration.