Henry Singer Wetlands

The Henry Singer Wetlands consist primarily of open water with well-developed sedge meadows. The larger of the 2 main wetlands contains a well-developed cattail fringe.

The Henry Singer Wetlands make up a complex of wetlands connected by areas of grassland. To the west and southwest of the wetland complex, there is also a linear stand of trees bordering the sports field complex. Water levels are quite variable ranging from temporary to semi-permanent ponds. The wetland areas provide prime nesting and foraging habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds and a variety of other bird species. Other species that may be observed include boreal chorus frog, white-tailed deer, and coyote.

Site Map

Henry Singer Wetlands map

Site Information

Area 20.2 ha
Year Protected 2009
Neighbourhood Rampart Industrial
Conservation Method(s) Parkland Purchase, Municipal Reserve
Location & Access 14920 142 Street
Informal access to the wetland areas
Parking available near sports fields
Habitat Type Wetland Complex

Getting Here

The Henry Singer Wetlands can be accessed from the main parking lots located at the Henry Singer Sports field complex west of 142 Street at approximately 149 Avenue. There is no formal trail network associated with the wetland areas; however, the natural area is easily accessible from parking and roadway areas.

What You Might See or Hear

The Henry Singer Wetlands provide a habitat for many bird species including waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds. Other species such as boreal chorus frogs, deer and coyotes can also be observed at this site. Upland treestand areas to the west of the sports fields also provide a diversity of habitat, so your chances of seeing a variety of wildlife and plant species are great.