The City’s Pest Management Strategy is based on scientific expertise and environmental stewardship through the adoption of integrated pest management principles. Integrated Pest Management is a multidisciplinary, ecological approach to the management of pests based first on prevention and, when necessary, control.

Integrated Pest Management incorporates effective, economical and environmentally sound methods and strategies that include:

  • Preventative/Cultural Measures
  • Biological and Mechanical Controls 
  • Chemical Controls 

The Integrated Pest Management Policy C501A, adopted in 2019, directs the appropriate use of pesticides by the City of Edmonton. The City has always sought multiple options for every pest problem to reduce the overall use of pesticides. 

In addition to policies adopted at the municipal level, the use of pesticides is also governed by both federal and provincial legislation.

At the federal level, every pesticide registered for use in Canada is approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, a division of Health Canada. Pesticides are regulated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to ensure efficacy and minimal risk to human health and the environment; therefore, products are subject to significant scientific scrutiny. Instructions for usage are detailed on the product label and include the specific requirements around application methods. 

Provincial regulations cover the licensing and training of individuals, codes of practice and service requirements for the application of pesticides in Alberta. These include reporting requirements, such as amounts of pesticides used, locations and the required public notice of treatment activities.  

Pesticide Notifications

Pesticide maps detailing where crews plan treatments for Mosquitoes, Tree Insects and Weeds.