The City owns approximately 9,000 titled properties (22,000 acres/8900 hectares). An important part of managing these land assets is understanding and addressing any potential risks associated with possible environmental contamination. In order to do this, the City has created a formal city-wide Contaminated Sites Management Program (CSMP). The CSMP includes 4 main components which address the following:

  • Site identification

  • Site management

  • Real estate related concerns

  • Third party liability

The City manages sites to ensure that potential risks to public health and the environment are mitigated to the satisfaction of Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Health. The City is in the early stages of implementing the CSMP, which is expected to take several years due to the large number of properties owned by the City. Work is proceeding based on a ranking of properties using characteristics such as site information, land use activities, public access and operational requirements.