Secord Treestand

The Secord Treestand is a remnant patch of deciduous forest located across Winterburn Rd. and slightly north of Winterburn School. Two baseball diamonds are located on the park space directly south of the natural area. While there are no formal trails through the natural area, the stand can be viewed from its perimeter and from the park space to the south. A willow-shrub community with marsh reed grass and swamp horsetails is present in an area of moist soils in the southeast portion of the stand that adds to the diversity of habitats found at this site. Combined with a diverse shrub layer throughout the stand, the diversity at this site and the habitats it provides for wildlife are among the stand’s key features.

Site Map

Secord Treestand map

Site Information

Area 3.0 ha
Year Protected 1982
Neighbourhood Secord
Conservation Method(s) Municipal Reserve
Location & Access 9804 Winterburn Rd.
Access limited to periphery of the natural area. Parking available near sports fields.
Habitat Type Tableland Forest

Getting there and around

Parking is available at this site along its southern border where the baseball diamonds are located. However, the stand lacks any formalized trail system so access to the interior of the treed area is restricted. Despite this, there is ample opportunity to view the natural area and a variety of wildlife species from its edges.

What you might see or hear

This site contains a diverse assemblage of birds including cedar waxwings, pileated woodpecker, western tanager, red-eyed vireo, and many others. There is also evidence of deer and other mammals frequenting the area.

Site Assessments, Plans and Reports

  • Inventory of Environmentally Sensitive and Significant Natural Areas (Geowest 1993)
  • Natural Site Assessment (Stage 1) for Lewis Farm ASP – North Half Winterburn School Natural Area and Other Natural Areas
  • Natural Site Assessment (Stage 2) for the Winterburn School Natural Area
  • Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan
  • Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan


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