Secord Wetland

The Secord Wetland natural area is a 4.4 hectare site located in the Lewis Farms area and consists of a wetland surrounded by an upland forest dominated by balsam poplar. This natural area is a remnant patch of the formerly larger Winterburn School natural area. The presence of both a treed upland area and a low-lying wetland allows for some different functions and values that would not exist if only one of the two features was present. These additional functions include providing habitat for animals that require elements of both wetlands and forests, such as goldeneye ducks and frogs. The complex also acts as a buffer and a filter that stabilizes the wetland.

The wetland portion of this site includes a permanent water body that is sustained by inputs from the stormwater system via three sediment forebays that ensure the health of the wetland is not impacted by urban water sources. The upland area surrounding the wetland provides excellent habitat for a multitude of bird species and cover and food for many other animal groups, while the well-developed understory vegetation throughout the forested area provides further diversity. A formal trail along the southern portion of the natural area allows access through the upland area with views of the wetland.

Site Map

Secord Wetland map

Site Information

Area 4.4 ha
Year Protected 2006
Neighbourhood Secord
Conservation Method(s) Public Utility Lot, Municipal Reserve
Location & Access 21806 94A Ave
Formal trails along southern portion of
the natural area.
Habitat Type Wetland / Upland Complex

Getting there and around

Located in the east portion of the Secord Neighbourhood, the Secord Wetland can be accessed from 217 St. Parking is available along many of the local roadways and a formal trail extends from 217 St. along the southern portion of the natural area to 94A Ave. Benches and signage are also provided along this route and the wetland can be viewed from a number of locations. Future plans include providing walking trails around the west, south and east sides of the natural area.

What you might see or hear

Many bird species such as pileated woodpeckers, other insectivores, and waterfowl utilize the natural area. Other species that may be encountered at the Secord Wetland natural area include white-tailed deer, fox, coyote, small mammals, and amphibians. The natural area also supports a diverse vegetative community containing both aquatic and upland species.

Site Assessments, Plans and Reports

  • Inventory of Environmentally Sensitive and Significant Natural Areas (Geowest 1993)
  • Natural Site Assessment (Stage 1) for Lewis Farm ASP – North Half Winterburn School Natural Area and Other Natural Areas
  • Natural Site Assessment (Stage 2) for the Winterburn School Natural Area
  • Lewis Farms Area Structure Plan
  • Secord Neighbourhood Structure Plan


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