YHT Project map

Project Area from 156 Street to St. Albert Trail

Check out this map showing the proposed road changes.

As of April 29, Yellowhead Trail is reduced to two lanes in both directions between 156 Street and St Albert Trail. Left turns to and from Yellowhead Trail, at 145 Street and 143 Street, are closed.  

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Project Overview

  • Existing intersections at 149 Street and 142 Street will be closed, and there will be no direct access to Yellowhead Trail from these streets. Road users will access Yellowhead Trail at the nearest interchange, at either 156 Street or St. Albert Trail.

  • All other access directly to Yellowhead Trail will be removed, including at 143 Street, existing service roads and existing business accesses.

  • One-way service roads will be built on the north and south sides of Yellowhead Trail to provide access to businesses and properties.

  • Changes and modifications made to 123 Avenue, 124 Avenue and 128 Avenue.

  • This project is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023.

Construction Update - Winter 2021

Construction started in 2021 and is ongoing between 156 Street to St. Albert Trail. 

  • Road work to continue on Yellowhead Trail in spring 2022, from 156 Street to 149 Street and 142 Street to St. Albert Trail, 142 Street south and 149 Street north and south, 151 Street and 126 Avenue.
  • Drainage installations will continue over the winter under the St. Albert Trail bridge, on 142 Street and between Yellowhead Trail and 124 Avenue and along portions of Yellowhead Trail eastbound
  • Construction of the retaining wall will continue over winter under the south end of St. Albert Trail bridge. Construction of the retaining wall under the north end of the St. Albert Trail bridge and 156 Street bridge to begin in 2022.
  • Utility work ongoing between 156 Street to St. Albert Trail.
  • Building demolition and construction of storm ponds at the southwest corner of Yellowhead Trail and 142 Street to begin in spring 2022.
  • Dovercourt noise wall replacement to begin in spring 2022.

Two lanes of traffic along Yellowhead Trail will be open during peak hours. There will be times overnight that only 1 lane in each direction will be open on Yellowhead Trail. The speed limit will be reduced to 50km/hour in construction zones and we ask the public to be mindful of signs and construction crews as they travel through the area.

Construction Bulletin