A family riding bikes in a bike lane

The City of Edmonton is exploring improvements that can be made to complete missing links in our active transportation network. The concept plan will be completed in 2022.

Project update - October 2022

Thank you to those who provided their feedback during our engagement for the corridors. To learn more, check out our What We Heard Report.

Your feedback will help to create the preliminary design for the corridors.

Project Information

The City of Edmonton is expected to grow into a city of 2 million people in the coming years. The City Plan recognizes the need to meet the current and future mobility demands that provide users with safe and convenient transportation options, whether that be walking, cycling, wheeling, taking public transit, or driving. Meeting these needs requires that our active transportation networks be enhanced and expanded as we move forward into the future envisioned for our city. 

The Active Transportation Improvement project involves the planning and design of expanding our active transportation infrastructure along corridors of Fort Road, 127 Street, 106 Street, 102 Avenue and 100 Avenue and the Area Networks of Northlands, and Bonnie Doon, Strathearn, Holyrood and Idylwyld. 

The 7 areas included in this project are identified as either future routes or missing links in the Bike Plan and Bike Plan Implementation Guide. The project is funded to complete an integrated design and engagement process that will lead into the development of a concept plan for the 7 networks by the end of 2022.