Yellowhead Trail Noise Wall Map

Project Area from 97 Street to Fort Road

This map shows changes to the Noise Wall between 97 Street and to Fort Road.

The wall is constructed from 97 Street to 89 Street. Work is taking place on the next two phases of construction from 89 Street to Fort Road.

Upcoming Changes

As part of the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion Program, the Noise Wall Replacement project began January 2022. The project works include:

  • Demolishing the existing wall
  • Constructing a new concrete wall
  • Constructing a shared use path and lighting from 89 Street to Fort Road
  • Landscaping along both sides of the new noise wall

Through concept planning, which began in March 2020, the project team investigated a number of options and with the objectives in mind, designed a new and modern noise wall.