Photo of MacKinnon Ravine pedestrian bridge replacement location

MacKinnon Ravine Pedestrian Bridge, located along 148 Street between Stony Plain Road and Summit Drive will be replaced. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023.

Project Update - April 2023

Planning for replacing the MacKinnon Ravine Pedestrian Bridge is underway with construction anticipated to begin in the summer of 2023. Tree removals are required as part of this project. The tree removals are anticipated to
begin in early or mid-April (weather permitting). The City of Edmonton project team has worked closely to minimize the number of trees removed and to ensure that the construction work does not compromise the integrity of the retained trees and vegetation within the boundary of this project.

Construction Bulletin - Tree Removals - April 2023

About the Project

Mackinnon Ravine Pedestrian Trestle Bridge connects pedestrians and cyclists to Stony Plain Road and Summit Drive and is an important link between the communities of Grovenor, Crestwood and the wider Edmonton River Valley trail system.

The MacKinnon Ravine Pedestrian Bridge was closed to the public in October 2021 due to concerns regarding the structure's capacity to hold snow removal equipment safely. The structure was demolished in February 2022. 

A replacement bridge will be constructed in the same location as the previous structure. The new bridge will be constructed to meet current standards and be designed to ensure year-round safety, security and comfort for all users. 
Planning and design for the new bridge is currently underway with construction anticipated to begin in 2023.

An easily accessible alternative path connecting Summit Drive to Stony Plain Road is located along 149 Street.