Jasper Place neighbourhood revitalization information, project plans, open houses, and neighbourhood event information.

Jasper Place is one of Edmonton’s original Revitalization communities, beginning back in 2008.  The area includes the neighbourhoods of Britannia-Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place.  Its commercial heart is Stony Plain Road (from 149 Street to 170 Street), where streetscaping projects over the last decade have improved lighting and curbside appeal, painted murals, and created the 152 Street plazas.

Together with the Jasper Place Community Stakeholders Committee, attention is now more focused the social side of community.  The committee came up with three goals to guide the strategy:

  • Engagement — Reaching out and getting to know the diversity of people that live in Jasper Place and getting them involved
  • Communication — Finding ways of better communicating what is going on, and learning about the people and places of JP
  • Place Making — Re-imagining and activating public spaces by getting more people involved and/or changing how they are used.  Some key places include indoor spaces (such as the Orange Hub), parks (St. Anne and Butler Park) and commercial plazas (such as 152 Street Plaza on Stony Plain Road).

Revitalization Strategy

Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy