REPF Grant Feature

The Revitalization Extensive Project Fund offers organizations the opportunity to apply for funding for larger-scale projects in Revitalization Areas.

The Revitalization Extensive Project Fund is not currently accepting applications for 2023. Additional information about potential future intake dates will be posted later in 2023.

We have great news! We heard the request from our community partners and we are now offering funding between $20,001 to a maximum of $100,000 subject to available funding. This larger value would enable the trans-formative projects that Revitalization areas need and allow the City to further leverage the meaningful community investments being made.

The Extensive Project Fund is guided by core criteria that will ensure that grant resources are used efficiently and effectively and are aligned with Revitalization objectives. The core criteria are complementary to each area’s Revitalization Strategy and will be used as a frame to evaluate the impact of the proposals. These criteria will form the basis for the application assessment process.

Core Criteria

  • Beauty, Safety, Security    
    • Support the care and attractiveness of local property within the Revitalization area.    
    • Support safety initiatives within their neighbourhood that build personal and community sense of safety.
  • Thriving Local Economy Investment
    • Support the connection between local individuals and their local businesses.
    • Support the connection between local businesses and local individuals.
    • Support investment in market residential development.
    • Support investment in market commercial development.
  • Strengthening Capacity and Inclusion
    • Strengthen individuals' sense of neighbourliness.
    • Increase local individuals and business participation in neighbourhood events.
    • Support local individuals to innovate in their neighbourhoods. 
    • Build a network of collaboration, openness, transparency and mutual support in their neighbourhood.
    • Reflect the demographic diversity of the neighbourhood

Secondary Criteria

Each Revitalization area has goals created with local partners and community members to set out for the success of the Revitalization Strategy. Applications will be reviewed for alignment with these Strategy goals during the preliminary assessment by the Revitalization Coordinator. We invite you to contact the Revitalization Coordinator to learn more about the specific criteria applied to the area of your project.

Application Process

  1. Prior to submitting a Revitalization Extensive Project Fund (REPF) application, the applicant must
    • Reach out to the Revitalization Coordinator to ensure alignment and verify eligibility
    • Review all REPF application requirements
  2. An eligible organization fills out the Application Form, provides all the proper attachments including the  budget sheet and submits it online through the City’s website during the intake period. 
  3. A notification verifying submission will be provided back to the applicant.

    Note: The City reserves the right, in its sole and unfettered discretion, to accept, reject or modify any City funding application and render decisions in regards to completing the applications as approved, approved with conditions or refused.
  4. The application process may take up to 8 weeks from the end of the intake period before payment is processed.  Applicants will be informed if the project has been accepted to advance to agreement development within 4 - 6 weeks from the end of the intake period.

Evaluation and Intake Periods

These criteria provide a framework to evaluate and distribute the grants, as well as set metrics to review grant performance. Grant applicants must demonstrate that they meet one or more criteria in order to demonstrate need and ensure the effectiveness of the funding.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Alignment with the criteria
  • Project Feasibility
  • Strategic and/or transformational long term thinking/vision
  • Completeness of the submission - all requirements have been met

To guarantee fairness and transparency, under the new criteria all participants should apply for the funding within the identified intake schedule. We are aware that some community partners have previously presented some information but only new applications will be considered.  

The Revitalization Extensive Project Fund is not currently accepting applications for 2023. Additional information about potential future intake dates will be posted later in 2023.

Reporting Requirements

Every project requires final reporting and evaluation which will be defined in the Funding Agreement