The revitalization focus in Chinatown creates a ripple effect. A Chinatown that’s a safe and welcoming place for businesses, residents, students and visitors allows each group to contribute to Edmonton’s overall vibrancy and economic success.

Chinatown celebration

Chinatown Recovery Fund Launched

As a supporting initiative to Edmonton’s Downtown Core and Transit System Safety Plan, the City has launched the Chinatown Recovery Fund to support post-pandemic recovery projects in the Chinatown community. 

See the  Chinatown Recovery Fund Program Guide for more details 

Translated Chinatown Recovery Fund Program Guides

Submissions will be accepted starting October 20, 2022. Questions about the fund can be sent to

A Broad Economic Approach

The  Chinatown Strategy (10.55 MB) is a broad economic development approach supported by placemaking and actionable community-led programming components. It was built from the  Chinatown Urban Interface Plan (33.47 MB) and the Economic Development Plan (40.98 MB) for Chinatown.

Development Pillars

The Strategy is built around 5 development pillars with supporting actions, all of which contribute collectively to guide Edmonton's Chinatown into the future:

  1. Improve sense of safety and security
  2. Focused economic development
  3. Governance and community leadership network
  4. Celebrate Chinatown as a destination
  5. Enhance built form and landmarks

The directions of each pillar were guided by Chinatown cultural organizations, the retail and business sector and community organizations.

While the City played a role in the development of the strategy, it is community-driven and it will be collaborative community-based partnerships that drive the success of the Strategy.

Supporting the Strategy Pillars

One way the City is helping to support the five pillars of the Chinatown Strategy is through Edmonton’s Downtown Core and Transit System Safety Plan. The Plan was launched on June 9, 2022 and outlines the various initiatives the City has activated to help build safety in the neighbourhood and to revitalize Chinatown. 

The following actions are currently underway:

  • The Healthy Streets Operations Centre was approved by City Council on August 15 and will open in 2023, offering a multi-disciplinary approach to crime prevention and Chinatown revitalization. 
  • From July 2, 2022 to March 31, 2023, Chinatown has free two-hour parking to increase accessibility to the neighbourhood’s businesses and restaurants. EPark is free in zones 4001 to 4009, 4012 to 4014, 4017 to 4025 and 4032.  A map of zones can be found on our EPark map on
  • Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) has been strengthening community safety through relationship building at neighbourhood events, such as the July 21 Block Social on 98 Street and the August 19 Block Social at Trinity Manor.
  • The Downtown Vibrancy Strategy Grant has funded a number of projects and initiatives in Chinatown including:
    • $47,000 to the Chinese Elders Mansion for outdoor lighting and security cameras
    • $35,000 for the Enjoy Chinatown Immersive Experience 
    • $15,000 for the Long Table Celebration at the Downtown Farmer’s Market
  • The City provided a $300,000 grant to the Chinatown and Area Business Association to help fund private security resources in and throughout Chinatown.
  • The City administration is working closely with the Chinatown Recovery Committee to set up and manage a grant program for Chinatown Recovery. The $1 million program will be available to support community projects that advance Chinatown recovery.

Harbin Gate

The Harbin Gate was constructed to symbolize the sister-city relationship with the City of Harbin in China, but was dismantled and put in storage in 2017 to enable the construction of the Valley Line LRT.

The City continues to work closely with the City of Harbin on the design of a new gate on 97 Street, which the original gate could not span. A design-build proposal will be issued upon funding approval. Foundations and landscaping elements for the new gate on 97 Street have already been installed.

Have questions about current construction projects in Chinatown? Check out our interactive map.