Balwin and Belvedere communities were approved for the Neighbourhood Revitalization program in June 2018. The City worked with Balwin and Belvedere community members through 2018 and 2019 to gather input and identify key components of the Revitalization strategy. This was done through a strategy development community working group, focused neighbourhood discussions and large public engagement drop in events. 

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Capital Infrastructure Investment Update - July 2022

Engagement events are planned to help provide input on the planning and design of transportation and other revitalization projects within these neighbourhoods.  Public engagement on the 5 open spaces has concluded. A What We Heard Report will be published soon. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and shared ideas on how to improve Balwin and Belvedere Parks.

This project is currently funded through the planning and design phases. Funding for construction is not currently in place and will depend upon future capital funding.

Capital Infrastructure Investments 

Resources to support targeted physical infrastructure improvements in Balwin and Belvedere falls under the Neighbourhood Revitalization Capital Investment Plan. Some examples are enhanced lighting, benches, public art, wayfinding features and park redevelopment. Investments in physical infrastructure enhance public spaces such as roadways, alleys, open spaces, and parks, to increase social connection, beautification, economic vibrancy and safety.