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Three roadways in the Balwin and Belvedere neighbourhoods have been selected for revitalization.

Project Update - November 2022

We invite you to get involved and share your ideas on 3 roadway concept plans focused on improving safety, vibrancy, and well-being in the community. 

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About the Project

The roadway projects along three locations will explore opportunities for temporary traffic calming, permanent landscaping, crosswalks and pedestrian lighting.

  • 127 Avenue between 66 Street and 82 Street 
  • 128 Avenue between 66 Street and 81 Street
  • 66 Street between 128 Avenue and 130 Avenue

An entry feature is also part of the project. The location and the design of the entry feature will be determined through public engagement, technical considerations and City policies and plans.

This project is currently funded for planning and design. The project will move forward to construction when funding is available.