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Three roadways in the Balwin and Belvedere neighbourhoods have been selected for revitalization.

Project Update – December 2023

The project team has been busy incorporating stakeholder and public feedback as they work toward finalizing a Preliminary Design. This next phase will be completed in February 2024. 

In July 2023, we hosted activities at the KARA kick-off summer Barbecue in Balwin Park to share an updated concept design and to collect input on a preferred location for an entry feature. Approximately 1,200 people attended the event and we spoke with more than 200 community members about roadway improvements, traffic safety measures and the entry feature options. This feedback led to the work on the Preliminary Design. 

View the What We Heard Report (November 2023)

About the Project

The roadway projects along three locations will explore opportunities for temporary traffic calming, permanent landscaping, crosswalks and pedestrian lighting.

  • 127 Avenue between 66 Street and 82 Street 
  • 128 Avenue between 66 Street and 81 Street
  • 66 Street between 128 Avenue and 130 Avenue

An entry feature is also part of the project. The location and the design of the entry feature will be determined through public engagement, technical considerations and City policies and plans.

We’re moving forward with the Balwin and Belvedere Transportation revitalization. This project is funded for design and construction.