The  North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (NSRVARP) Bylaw 7188 (adopted in 1985) identifies a boundary for the river valley and ravine system and a set of policies and development approval procedures for lands within this boundary. Please refer to Edmonton Maps (under Zoning Overlays) to confirm if your project is within the boundary of the river valley and ravine system.

The NSRVARP is currently undergoing modernization. More information on the project and process, as well as opportunities to engage, can be found on the Ribbon of Green and NSRV Planning Modernization web page.

Refer to the  North Saskatchewan River Valley ARP Project Review Form for more information and to request a review. For complex projects, additional environmental review may be required in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment and Site Location Study. Based on the policies outlined in the NSRVARP, some projects may be subject to City Council approval. As a result, timelines for completing an environmental review can vary between 4 weeks and 6 months. 

For any inquiries regarding work in the river valley, or to submit a complete Project Review Form, please email:

Projects located on parkland are subject to the  Parkland Bylaw 2202 . Applications for a Parkland Access Permit can be found at Parkland Use and Permits. Note that both a Parkland Bylaw and a NSRVARP Bylaw application may be required for a single project. When both are required, the NSVRARP Bylaw application should be submitted first.