The City's ASP Terms of Reference, approved by Council in 2009, include specific ecological information requirements to be completed at the ASP application stage.

Note: For ASP applications being made for industrial areas, a Phase II Ecological Network Report (ENR) may be required. Contact Urban Planning and Economy and see the NSP Applications section for more information about the Phase II ENR.

Ecological Network Report

The Phase I Ecological Network Report (ENR) is an information requirement that incorporates a network approach to assessing ecological features within and adjacent to a plan area. The ENR informs the development of an ASP and must be completed prior to finalization of the ASP. The primary objectives of the Phase I ENR are to:

  • identify and assess the structure, function and integrity of the ecological network existing within the plan area;
  • consider the ecological network within the broader landscape, including ecological linkages to natural systems outside the plan area;
  • identify key components of the ecological network that the City should secure;
  • ensure that development is tailored to the ecological network; and
  • outline a set of recommendations that will help the City to develop an ASP that maximizes the protection of the identified ecological network, including the identification of mitigation measures and management issues.

For more information about the preparation of an ENR, please see the terms of reference below.

Phase I Ecological Network Report Terms of Reference

The Phase II ENR applies at the NSP stage of planning, and is described in that section.

Environmental Review Requirements in the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (Bylaw 7188)

The North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (adopted in 1985) identifies a boundary for the river valley and ravine system and a set of policies and development approval procedures for lands within this boundary. Please refer to the Zoning Bylaw to determine if your project is within the bylaw boundary. 

Refer to the North Saskatchewan River Valley ARP Project Review Form for more information and to request a review.

Provincial Public Lands Act and Water Act Review

According to the Public Lands Act, the Province of Alberta owns the bed and shore of all permanent and naturally occurring water bodies. As well, the use and/or diversion of waters is managed by Alberta Environment through the administration of the Water Act. Application must be made for review of bed and shore claims and for approvals for any alteration of wetlands and other naturally occurring water bodies to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Environment, respectively.

The City of Edmonton requires that information pertaining to the identification of all Provincial bed and shore claims within a plan area must be provided at the ASP stage. Requirements for compensation may be imposed by Alberta Environment for wetlands that are lost or altered as a result of urban development. City of Edmonton policy encourages that such compensation be conducted within City boundaries.

For more information about Public Lands Act and Water Act reviews, see the Conservation Planning Checklist.