A Guide to Fires in Outdoor Stoves

Fire stoves and rings are provided at many picnic sites in Edmonton Parks.

You are required to bring your own fire wood or briquettes.

City of Edmonton, Parkland Bylaw 2202 specifies your legal obligations when using fire in, or within city parks.

PART III - Regulation of Activities on Parkland

Fire Prevention:

While on Parkland no person shall:

  • start, maintain or permit to remain lit a fire except in a fireplace, fire-pit or other similar receptacle provided by the City for this purpose
  • leave a fire burning unattended
  • leave a fire without completely extinguishing any flame and ensuring the embers are cold

A person may safely light, fuel or use an outdoor stove for its intended purpose when:

  • There are no bans or restrictions in place for doing so
  • Doing so is, and will continue to be, safe
  • Reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the fire is contained in the stove
  • The person ensures the fire does not escape
  • The person takes immediate action to carry out fire control and report the fire if it does escape
  • The person ensures the fire is extinguished before leaving the area

Conditions may exist whereby the Fire Department may publish a ban on fires in City limits, including parks.

When such a ban is in effect, all persons shall be required to follow the conditions outlined in the ban. A fire ban will override any fire permit issued prior to the ban.


The use of fireworks in City parks is prohibited.