There are many trails in Edmonton’s river valley, welcoming people of all ages to experience nature in the heart of the city and be active outdoors with friends and family year-round.

We all play a role in protecting our trail system and minimizing impacts to the surrounding landscape. Keep up to date on good trail etiquette so that Edmontonians can continue to use the river valley into the future. Here’s what you can do to play your part:

Follow the Trail 
The river valley is an ecologically sensitive area, home to a unique ecosystem of flora, fauna, and fossils. It’s crucial to protect this important plant and animal habitat, which can be easily damaged by human activity. Follow designated trails. Avoid making your own trails and shortcutting.

Be Aware of Trail Conditions
The conditions of designated trails can change due to weather and other conditions. Try to minimize the use of non-paved trails during wet conditions or we risk damaging those trails. Report concerns about trails to 311. See Cautions and Closures for information on trail closures.

Avoid Creating New Trails
The  City of Edmonton’s Parkland Bylaw does not permit the building of new trails without City authorization and required permits.

Share the Trail 
Make room for all users! Trails throughout the city are multidirectional and welcome a variety of activities, including riding, running, walking, and dog walking.

Practice good trail etiquette:

  • Cyclists must have a working bell
  • Pass on left
  • Those going downhill yield to those going uphill
  • Keep dogs on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area