About ETS

Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is a fully integrated, progressive, easy-to-use public transit system that provides over 80 million rides each year. Transit plays an important role in city building and provides seamless connection within Edmonton and region by focusing on 3 pillars: service, infrastructure and technology.

Future of Transit


ETS is continually assessing how it can best support Edmontonians’ transit needs and expectations. Service-related projects include:

  • Transit Strategy moved ETS to a new service delivery model
  • Regional bus service connects passengers travelling between key Edmonton locations and nearby municipalities
  • Regional Transit Services Commission will improve regional transit and mobility by bringing municipal transit services together for the benefit of one region
  • U-Pass provides an affordable transit pass for university students travelling within and between nearby municipalities
  • Flexible fare options are available for people who need it the most 
  • Safety programs ensure passengers feel safe at all times on public transit


In order to provide great spaces for its customers and employees, ETS ensures transit stations and vehicles are well-maintained and replaced when required. Infrastructure projects include:


It’s important that new technology is fully supported and has a positive impact on ETS customers and front line staff. Technology projects include:

  • Smart Bus technology allows customers to track all ETS fleet in real time
  • Arc tap and go electronic fare payment
  • Accessible buses include auditory and visual announcements
  • Electric buses
  • Safety includes providing many ways to request emergency assistance 

In order to meet the needs of citizens today and tomorrow, ETS is committed to providing the best service possible while maintaining good value for taxpayer dollars. 

Transit Operator Appreciation Day

March 18 is Transit Operator Appreciation Day. On this day, we thank the public servants who are responsible for keeping the city’s trains and buses moving. 

Transit operators are the face of transit in Edmonton. They’re out there driving our buses and trains, but they also act as customer service agents, security agents and emergency responders when duty calls. All across Edmonton, operators go above and beyond to help their passengers and keep them safe.

Remember to #ThankYourOperator on March 18! We appreciate the hard work of every public servant in the driver’s seat. 

If you’re interested in joining a team of hard-working people who move our city every day, visit the ETS careers page to learn more.