Spring/Summer 2021 U-Pass Program
The U-Pass program has been suspended for the Spring/Summer 2021 session. 

Updated: January 25, 2021
Beaumont Transit has temporarily suspended transit service (Route 540) until further notice. 

Edmonton Transit provides service within the city boundaries as well as limited service throughout some of the regional communities.

Please Note: Bikes are not permitted in bike racks on ETS buses providing inter-municipal highway trips (Routes 560, 580, 590, 599 and 747). The bike racks were not designed to securely hold a bike at highway speed and there is the potential for a bike to become loose and fall off during the trip.

Regional Fare Transit options for Students

For students who reside outside of Edmonton, most municipal U-Pass transit partners offer discounted commuter passes and tickets.

Learn more about regional services and U-Pass