The Everyday Way to Drive Your Career

Here’s your chance to advance your career while enjoying Edmonton’s diversity. Become a part of our transit team! Drive others and your career to places you might never have imagined possible. Whether you become a full-time or part-time transit operator, DATS operator, or community service operator, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that career advancement and rewards are well within your reach.

Career Advancement Potential

We offer advantages that other cities can’t match:

  • Continuous growth: you’ll have opportunities for career advancement
  • Training and continuing education opportunities: you’ll have access to the latest and most innovative transit technology
  • Competitive compensation and outstanding benefits: receive the compensation and recognition you deserve from a city with the resources and stability to ensure your continued success.
What It Takes To Succeed

If you truly want to become a transit operator for the City of Edmonton, your ambition is a great first step. But this kind of work requires a certain type of person, and we seek a unique combination of qualities. We are looking for those who are:

  • Passionate for public service: when representing the City of Edmonton in our communities
  • Detail-oriented: multi-tasking to keep your eyes on the road while being aware of the needs of your passengers
  • Organized: staying on schedule is vital to your success
  • Customer-service oriented: putting the customer first is one of our most important values
  • Caring: serving the public requires the ability to notice when people have special needs and providing them with the required service they need
  • Responsive: recognizing an emergency as it happens and reacting appropriately.

Learn about the opportunity from our transit operators:

In addition to working with a very nice team of drivers, you can easily find a shift to suit your lifestyle. The wages and benefits are very good, too.

— Denise Meyer, Community Service Operator

What defines the City of Edmonton as an employer? I would say equal opportunity, career advancement and a self-starter attitude. You’re encouraged to learn about different cultures and work as a team. And the backgrounds of the people who work here are very diverse.

— Harpreet Singh, DATS Operator

I like meeting new people, as well as building a rapport with the regulars you see on your route every day. In some cases, you might be the first person they talk to that morning. When you make someone smile, that makes you feel good.

— Dwayne Nemlander, Transit Operator

Transit Operator Positions

Driving provides its own rewards and many Operators wouldn’t trade their job for anything in the world; the great reputation for service that ETS enjoys is built on it. Learn more about the various positions available.