Edmonton Transit offers a number of ways for interested parties to work with ETS to advertise, busk, vend or otherwise make use of ETS property.


If you are interested in placing an ad inside or outside of an ETS vehicle, digital screen, bus shelter or bench, you can do so by contacting our advertising partners. To place an ad directly or to obtain a quote, call:

  • Pattison Outdoor at 780-669-7700 for transit vehicles (bus / LRT), networks TVs, digital screens or benches
  • Branded Cities at 780-229-0830 for bus shelters - standard and super shelters

Advertising on Edmonton transit vehicles and property is contracted to a national company. All creative used on transit media must be submitted to our national vendor for review and final approval.  All content is subject to Advertising Standards Canada as outlined in the following sections of the contract:

16.3. The contents of advertising material shall comply with Advertising Standards Canada.

16.4. All advertisements and any representations made therein shall conform to Federal and Provincial laws, regulations and orders now in force or amended or promulgated hereafter. No tobacco or tobacco product is permitted, unless the policy is amended by City Council, in or on any Facilities.

16.5. The Contractor shall not place any form of tobacco company or tobacco brand promotions, including sponsorship or promotion of cultural or sporting events, on Facilities, Shelters or Benches.

16.6. All political advertising will indicate the party or candidate who is paying for the advertising.

If you feel an advertisement featured on Edmonton Transit vehicles or property violates some part of Advertising Standards Canada, contact Pattison Outdoor Advertising at 780-669-7700. If you feel an advertisement featured on Edmonton Transit vehicles or property that meets the Advertising Standards Canada is inappropriate or offensive, you can submit a consumer complaint to Advertising Standards Canada.


ETS allows for musicians to perform on ETS property as part of our busker program. We do not allow non-musical performances and there is a $15 fee (plus GST).  

Note: A business license for busking is not required. However, permission from ETS is required to busk on ETS property.  Please visit the Doing Business with ETS for more information.

To inquire about busking at a transit centre or LRT station, please book an appointment at the Edmonton Service Centre.

For general information on busking in the City of Edmonton, review our Busker Program Terms & Conditions.

ETS Sales Outlets

ETS has partnered with over 200 outlets in the Edmonton and region area to make it more convenient for riders to purchase fare product in their neighbourhoods.

If you are interested in becoming an ETS sales outlet, contact ETS Business Integration at 780-496-1747. They can provide you with a program summary and application form. Additional information on the bidding process can be found under Tendering.


Email leasing@edmonton.ca for information on:

  • Leasing information about property in ETS Transit Centres or LRT stations
  • City of Edmonton Real Estate
  • Leasing and Property Management

For permission to film on ETS property, please review our general terms and instructions for filming, and then contact ETS at takeets@edmonton.ca. You will need to provide a copy of your company's Public Liability Insurance with a minimum coverage of $2,000,000 to begin the process of seeking permission. 

Selling, Distributing, and Other Activities

If you would like to do any of the following or other activities on Edmonton Transit Property (such as filming/photographing), review our general terms and instructions for vending activities before you submit a Request to Vend Activities.

See the Transit Bylaw for specific details. 

Please note: All requirements listed in the general terms and instructions are non-negotiable.