If you feel that the City of Edmonton is responsible for your injury or property damage, the first step is for you to submit a claim. For information on how to submit a claim, visit Submitting a Claim.

After You Submit a Claim

  • The City of Edmonton will assign an Adjuster to handle your claim
  • An acknowledgement letter will be sent within 21 business days*
  • The investigation process can take between 120 and 180 days or longer*
  • Written response with either an acceptance or denial will be provided once the investigation is completed
  • Periods where we receive a high volume of incoming claims may increase normal response time, and we ask for your patience and understanding

*The times given are best estimates. Claims Management staff are currently experiencing delays in the claims handling process and are making every effort to acknowledge and process claims as quickly as possible.

Please be reminded that you have 2 years* after the date you first became aware of the injury, damage or loss to settle your claim with Claims Management section. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion during that time period and wish to pursue the matter further, you must bring a legal action against the City, otherwise your legal right to recover damages from the City and/or its employees will be forever lost.

*The timelines for initiating legal actions are set out in Alberta’s Limitations Act, RSA 2000 c L-12. Exceptions may apply. Please consult a lawyer for further details.

Service on the City of Edmonton*

If you wish to initiate a legal action, you will need to “serve” (in other words, provide) the City with either a filed Civil Claim (Provincial Court of Alberta) or a filed Statement of Claim (Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta).

If you wish to serve the City, you may do so using one of the following methods:

Personal service* on the City Manager, or a City employee working in the Office of the City Manager. Visit the Office of the City Manager for more information, including contact information.
Certified or Registered Mail service* on the City Manager. Service using this method requires that the document actually be delivered.
It is up to the party serving the document to keep in mind the laws governing service, including meeting all applicable timelines. If the party intending to serve the document is unsure about the process, it is that party’s responsibility to seek the advice of independent legal counsel.

*This section is a general guide to serving the City of Edmonton, and does not constitute legal advice. If you require more information or have a legal question, you will need to speak to a lawyer.

What if a City Contractor is Involved?

At times, the City hires contractors to perform work on behalf of the City. In most cases, there is an “indemnity and hold harmless” clause in the contract. This clause requires contractors to investigate and respond to claims that may arise as a result of their work.

The adjusters in the City’s Claims Management section facilitate the claims process between the contractor and the public. By facilitating the process, the City’s adjusters help to ensure that a response is provided in a fair and timely manner.

If you believe your injury or damage was caused by a City contractor, you or your insurance company should submit a claim to the City.

Once the City receives your claim, an investigation is conducted. If the investigation confirms the involvement of a City contractor, you can expect the following:

  • A written response will be provided to you with the contractor’s contact information
  • The Claims Management section will forward your claim to the contractor for their investigation
  • Your claim remains open with the Claims Management section until the contractor provides a written response

If your claim relates to construction activity by a City contractor, depending on the damage, the assigned City’s adjuster may arrange a site meeting with the following individuals:

  • Property owner
  • City’s Project Manager
  • Contractor’s Project Manager; and/or
  • Contractor’s insurer

For some construction projects, a pre-construction assessment on your property may have been conducted before the work began. During or after the construction, if you suspect damage to your property is a result of the construction activity, contact the City’s Project Manager who can arrange a post-construction assessment for you.

Submit a claim for investigation if you do not know who is the City’s Project Manager.

Submit A Claim

Start your claim by providing the details of the incident.