About the Department

Nearly 5,500 City employees make up this department, responsible for keeping Edmontonians working, moving and thriving every day. By leading in environmental stewardship, this department takes an integrated, innovative and efficient approach to everything they do - from moving people to clearing snow and collecting waste.

Parks and Roads Services

Parks and Roads Services is responsible for services and assets that support mobility and activity in our city. The branch ensures that streets and roads, infrastructure assets, parks, trees and boulevards remain accessible, attractive and safe. Work includes repairs and maintenance, seasonal clean ups, signals and street lights, parking services and traffic safety, just to name a few.

Edmonton Transit Service

Edmonton Transit Service provides over 87 million trips every year on buses, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Disabled Adult Transit Services (DATS). This branch provides customer focused, safe, reliable and affordable public transportation services that link people, jobs and communities. Its vision is to be a fully integrated, progressive, easy-to-use, public transit system that supports economic development, improving the quality of life of Edmontonians.

Fleet and Facility Services

The Fleet and Facility Services branch ensures City vehicles, transit buses and essential City operations equipment are well maintained, safe, and reliable for use on a daily basis, and also manages the maintenance services for EPCOR and Alberta Health Services.

The branch also proactively maintains City-owned facilities and provides custodial services for buildings such as recreation centres, police stations, libraries, City-owned office towers and transit shelters. This includes maintenance services at facilities such as park spray decks, splash pads, and river valley footbridges.

Waste Services

Waste Services plays an integral role in the day-to-day lives of Edmontonians by collecting, processing and disposing of solid waste for residential and non-residential customers. These functions are supported through education, volunteer and community programs; research and development; monitoring and compliance; business planning; and strong financial and utility management. The entire branch is committed to providing efficient, sustainable solid waste utility services that citizens can trust.