About the Branch

The Real Estate Branch governs real estate with a strategic and integrated city-wide lens, based primarily upon financial sustainability. This encompasses the complete civic land life cycle, including planning and development, acquisition, inventory and governance, appraisal, leasing and management and sales. 

The branch also advances economic development strategies to support Council’s vision for a vibrant and inclusive city. This is a city that attracts investment and provides a high quality of life, ensuring ongoing sustainability and success.

Branch Services

The major areas of responsibility of Real Estate include:

Business Strategy and Operations

The Business Strategy and Operations section provides the branch with analytical, financial, IT, communications and strategic support. The section leads branch-wide initiatives to enhance organizational capacity and improve business processes. It also creates and implements branch-wide strategic and business plans and represents the branch on city-wide initiatives.

Land Development

The Land Development section is composed of Enterprise Land Development (ELD) and Surplus Land Development.

Enterprise Land Development acts as a private developer for the City, managing a continuous land development cycle similar to that employed by the private sector. Their activities include planning and servicing of land for residential, industrial, commercial and mixed-uses. The team focuses on achieving the City’s vision while striving to improve citizen’s lives and enhance Edmonton’s global reputation.

ELD provides a self-funded service to develop greenfield land into residential, mixed-use and ICI (Industrial-Commercial-Investment) lot product.

Surplus Land Development transforms lands surplus to the City’s needs, using existing infrastructure to build a more vibrant, compact, and sustainable city. The Surplus Land Development team manages surplus properties and leads reviews of City land holdings to ensure they are still required to meet evolving civic needs.

Property Services

The Property Services section provides services to the corporation in property, facility, and land management. The section also supplies in-house real estate valuation, corporate land inventory management, and property management services. This section leads the structuring of the City’s land management processes to allow the City to more efficiently use its real estate assets. 

Property Services ensures the City acquires, manages, maintains, and disposes of real estate using methods which are fair, consistent, and transparent, and reflects a broad corporate perspective aligned with long term strategies.

Property Transactions

The Property Transactions section leads the acquisition, sale and leasing of real property to support the City’s immediate and long-term real estate requirements. 

The Leasing Unit provides specialized building and facility leasing expertise to the organization, including providing support to City-building initiatives such as Not-for-Profit leasing. 

The Property Acquisitions unit is a client driven area that is responsible for acquiring land and real estate interests on behalf of the City in order to support the realization of Council-approved capital projects.

The Property Sales unit markets and sells developed and surplus properties and contributes to City revenues through projects that increase the tax base, create greater economic activity and provide focused community investments. 

The range of properties marketed and sold includes newly serviced residential, industrial and commercial lots, surplus inventoried for municipal purpose (FMP) sites with or without improvements, surplus right of ways, utility lots, and tax recovered properties. 

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