About the Branch

From sensors that monitor air quality to analytics that guide program improvements, the City of Edmonton is ready for the future: providing services, new and existing, in innovative ways. The Open City and Technology Branch leverages the City’s data, business solutions and diverse technologies to increase internal and external data sharing, optimize processes and deliver quality service. To do this work, the Branch embraces the expertise of our larger ecosystem by developing community partnerships to ensure we are using technology and information to provide an exceptional quality of life for Edmontonians.

Branch Mandate

Modern municipalities operate in a rapidly changing business environment, where citizens demand more open and interactive government. The City of Edmonton is no longer just a service and utility provider, but a key player in improving the social welfare of citizens. The City of Edmonton delivers more than 80 distinct services, from public transit to fire rescue, waste management, and leisure activities. Guided by the Business Technology Strategy, the Open City and Technology Branch enables all of these services as well as the employees who provide them through the ever-evolving use of data, information and technology.