Boyle Street and McCauley have been chosen for neighbourhood renewal with construction anticipated to start in 2023.

Preparing for Construction - January 2023 update

Construction for McCauley Neighbourhood Renewal is set to begin in spring 2023! Boyle Street Renewal will follow with a construction start in 2024.

Crews will start on streets in the north east section of McCauley neighbourhood this year, before moving to the rest of McCauley. Construction in McCauley is expected to take 3 years. A full scope map can be found below.

If you missed seeing the final design for your neighbourhood’s renewal, you can still review the street by street design booklet and the recorded presentation in the links below:

The Winter 2023 Newsletter and What We Decided Report are now available!

When construction does start, different areas will see construction in different years. See when to expect construction in your neighborhood in the map below:

Thumbnail view of Boyle Street and McCauley year split map.

View larger image

The City Of Edmonton is currently preparing the Local Improvement Plan for the neighbourhood. Information about cost sharing with the City on sidewalk reconstruction and the process to provide your feedback will be shared via a package that will be sent to property owners in early 2023. More information regarding Local Improvements can be found at the links below:

Boyle Street Sidewalk Reconstruction Local Improvement Information
McCauley Sidewalk Reconstruction Local Improvement Information

More Information
Engagement Summary
Community Feedback on Final Design What we Heard Report

Latta Bridge Construction Update 

Construction on the Latta Bridge is scheduled to begin in August 2022 and is anticipated to be completed by fall 2023. Latta Bridge will undergo a complete closure as is necessary for the demolition of the existing structure. Project Teams for both Boyle Street and McCauley Neighbourhood Renewal and Latta Bridge are working together with Traffic Operations for temporary traffic controls to support construction. 

For more information: