Rehabilitation of Kinnaird Bridge, located on 82 Street, south of 112 Avenue and north of 111 Avenue, was completed in October 2023.

Project Update - October 2023

Rehabilitation of Kinnaird Bridge has been substantially completed and the bridge has fully reopened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Rehabilitation work on this bridge included:

  • Bridge deck, sidewalk and barrier repairs and upgrades
  • Regrading of the underneath bridge deck and strengthening piers
  • Painting bottom of piers and sidewalk supports
  • Landscaping: tree and shrub restoration and soil clean-up

Some additional work on the concrete bridge pier footings and landscaping will be completed in the spring of 2024. 

About the Project

Kinnaird Bridge was originally constructed in 1932 and currently serves as an arterial roadway with 4 lanes of traffic. Kinnaird Bridge is located along 82 Street, south of 112 Avenue and north of 111 Avenue.

The bridge crosses Rat Creek, which features a mixed use trail providing further access to Rat Creek trails and the river valley.

A Condition Assessment and Preliminary Rehabilitation Strategy Report was completed in August 2019 for Kinnaird Bridge and recommended minor rehabilitation.