Overview of Terwillegar Drive at Rainbow Valley

Upgrades to the Whitemud Drive/Terwillegar Drive interchange are a part of the Terwillegar Drive Expansion Program.

Construction Update - February 2024

Stage Two consists of Terwillegar Drive and Whitemud Drive Interchange upgrades including major construction on Rainbow Valley Bridge and the widening of Whitemud Drive. Construction is underway to alleviate congestion and provide all users with a safe and efficient route.

Road Closure: Rainbow Valley Bridge

Construction to widen Rainbow Valley Bridge to 4 lanes in each direction began February 12.

The westbound lanes have been closed with two-way traffic redirected onto the eastbound lane.

During construction, two lanes on Whitemud Drive will remain open in each direction during peak hours, with additional partial closures expected during off-peak hours as necessary. The existing sidewalk will be removed, and a new pedestrian/cyclist bridge will be constructed, ensuring improved safety for people using active modes of transportation.

Work on the westbound bridge is anticipated to be completed in late 2024. Once the westbound bridge is complete, work will begin on the eastbound bridge in 2025. Both bridges are anticipated to be in service by late 2025.

Graphic outlining the Rainbow Valley Bridge Closure
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We will be monitoring traffic and making adjustments to improve traffic flow through the construction zone where possible. 

Access to Snow Valley and the Rainbow Valley Campground will be maintained throughout the project. Pedestrians and cyclists will be temporarily routed through Whitemud Creek ravine during construction. 

Map of the Terwillegar Drive-Rainbow Valley pedestrian detour

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Construction Bulletin - February 2024

A session to inform the public and provide detailed information was hosted in December 2023.

About the Project

Stage Two builds on Stage One, including additional upgrades to increase the capacity of Terwillegar Drive, improve safety, accommodate current and planned transit services and enhance existing active transportation connections:

  • Rehabilitating and widening the Rainbow Valley Bridge to 4 lanes in each direction
  • Whitemud Drive/Terwillegar Drive interchange upgrades: 
    • Widening the westbound Whitemud Drive to southbound Terwillegar Drive loop ramp
    • Widening the northbound Terwillegar Drive to eastbound Whitemud Drive ramp
    • Partial ramp widening: northbound Terwillegar Drive to northbound Whitemud Drive and southbound Whitemud Drive to southbound Terwillegar Drive
  • Whitemud Drive widening to 4 lanes in each direction between Terwillegar Drive and 122 Street
  • A bus-only lane from 53 Avenue to Terwillegar Drive, bypassing the Terwillegar Drive/Whitemud Drive interchange
  • Active transportation: 
  • Retaining walls
  • Noise wall (southbound Whitemud Drive, 47A Avenue to 45 Avenue)
  • Tree impacts and preservation