The Edmonton Incline Railway

This bibliography is designed to situate the records used in the City of Edmonton Archives Edmonton Incline Railway virtual exhibit in their larger context. It shows where these disparate records come from by grouping them by creator rather than by subject.

Wherever possible, links to catalogue entries in our online catalogue have been included. We also have some further catalogue information in our reference room.

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MS Fonds (Private Records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
MS-56   Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association fonds
  EA-10-1201 McDougall Hill - Looking South West, 1914
  EA-10-1454 Walter's Mill - North Side, 1912
  EA-10-1828 Incline Railway Under Construction, 1906
  EA-10-2967 Edmonton Inclined Railway, ca. 1911
MS-59   Hubert Hollingworth fonds
  EA-160-1586 Edmonton Looking North from Rossdale, 1948
MS-209   William A. Griesbach fonds

RG Fonds (City of Edmonton Records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
RG-8   City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds Special Committee Reports
  RG-8.10, File 4 Petition to City Council, January 25, 1909
  RG-8.13, Contract #12 Joseph Hostyn

Photographs (with no associated fonds)

Record Title
EA-500-10 Edmonton Incline Railway, 1908
EA-500-11 Edmonton Incline Railway - Hoist, 1908
ET-17-55 View N.W. from Donald Ross School, 1965



  • "Edmonton's Incline Railway" The Saturday News, May 23, 1908

The following sources were used in the research for this exhibit:

MS Fonds (Private Records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
MS-153   Douglas Parker Fonds

RG Fonds (City of Edmonton Records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
RG-8 RG-8.0 Class 24, File 27 Correspondence between Sec-Treasurer to G. Percy Blythe, Secy. Treas., Donald Ross Incline Railway Company Limited, November 16, 1910

Clippings Files

  • Chateau Lacombe, 1958-1964, File #1
  • Chateau Lacombe, 1965-1967, File #2
  • Chateau Lacombe, 1968-200?, File #3
  • Dawson, Herbert J.
  • Edmonton Incline Railway Company Ltd.
  • Hostyn, Joe - Manager of Donald Ross Hotel
  • Ross, Donald & Olive
  • Secord, Richard and Annie
  • Sheppard, William Henry
  • Taylor, Charles E. - Street Railway Superintendent


  • Ride of the Century: The Story of the Edmonton Transit System by Ken Tingley. Edmonton Transit System, 2010.
  • Naming Edmonton: From Ada to Zoie by City of Edmonton. The University of Alberta Press, 2014.
  • Edmonton, Gateway to the North: An Illustrated History by John F. Gilpin. Windsor Publications (Canada), 1984.