Business technology is enabling service, partnership and growth through the innovative use of information and technology. It recognizes not only the innovation found in information but also the innovation that exists within larger ecosystems. 

By addressing current challenges and identifying a clear plan to achieve the vision defined by Council’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2028, the City can meet Edmontonians’ high expectations. Through this strategy, the City defines the role of business technology in improving the quality of life in Edmonton. 

Edmonton's Digital Action plan cover

Digital Action Plan

Wireless technology enables information sharing and growth through innovative networks. The next generation of wireless technology will increase capabilities exponentially, connecting more sensors and people than ever before.

By identifying a clear plan to prepare for and implement this next generation of technology, the City can meet residents' service expectations and continue to move forward towards a connected future. In this Digital Action Plan, the City defines its role in using wireless technology to help improve the quality of life in Edmonton.

Business Technology Strategy cover

Business Technology Strategy

The City continuously seeks opportunities to understand, harness and leverage technology’s ever- expanding capabilities to improve quality of life for all Edmontonians.