Drainage Bylaw 18093 came into effect on January 1, 2018 replacing Drainage Bylaw 16200. This Bylaw requires that all single family, semi-detached, and row-house residential properties are graded in accordance with an approved Lot Grading Plan or Infill Lot Grading Plan.


Residential Lot Grading is shaping and grading the land to direct surface runoff away from buildings and towards a City right-of-way (lane or street).


The purpose of lot grading is to provide control of stormwater runoff with slope down and away from buildings on private property toward public land. The Drainage Bylaw, Approved Grading Plans and the required inspection process and approval by the City Manager on all new developments allow the City to regulate this control.


City of Edmonton Lot Grading Inspectors are Engineering Technologists and Bylaw Enforcement Officers. They conduct inspections and issue approvals for Lot Grading for all developments on private properties to ensure compliance with the Drainage Bylaw, Lot Grading Plan and Lot Grading Guidelines.

Lot Grading Inspections are required after the buildings are constructed and the site is graded. Lot Grading inspection season normally occurs between spring and fall and is suspended when there is significant snow cover. For more information view Lot Grading including Approvals and Requirements.