Image of a single family home with landscaping

Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw requires landscaping for small-scale residential development.

Applying for a Development Permit

Most zones require that you submit a site plan listing the following:

  • Existing trees (if applicable)
  • Number, size and type of new and preserved trees
  • Seed/sod or alternative ground cover

Be sure to look at the specific requirements of your zone to determine whether you need to show landscaping on a site plan or a landscaping plan when applying for a development permit. Some zones require a landscape plan prepared by a professional landscape architect.

Finding Your Zone

When reviewing the regulations in the Zoning Bylaw, you need to consider:

Visit to find your property’s zone. Select Zoning and search for your property address.

Residential Landscaping Requirements

New residential developments in the form of Single Detached Housing, Duplex Housing, Semi-detached Housing, and Row Housing, excluding Cluster Housing Developments, must comply with Table 3.1 of Section 5.60 of the Zoning Bylaw.  

Table 3.1. Minimum Trees and Shrubs
Subsection Measure Minimum Tree and Shrub Requirements
Single Detached Housing, Semi-detached Housing, and Duplex Housing
3.1.1. Where the Site Width is less than 8.0 metres 1 tree and 4 shrubs 
3.1.2. Where the Site Width is 8.0 metres - 15.0 metres 2 trees and 6 shrubs
3.1.3.  Where the Site Width is greater than 15.0 metres 4 trees and 8 shrubs
Row Housing
3.1.4. Per principal Dwelling 1 tree and 4 shrubs


Incentives to Preserve Existing Trees and Shrubs

Existing plant material should be preserved and protected unless removal is demonstrated to be necessary or desirable to accommodate a proposed development. Tree and shrub requirements for a new development may be satisfied by preserving existing trees and shrubs at the rates specified in Table 7.2 of Section 5.60 in the Zoning Bylaw. 

Table 7.2. Substituting Required Trees or Shrubs
Subsection Requirement Preserved Trees or Shrubs that can be Substituted
7.2.1. 2 trees 1 existing deciduous tree with a minimum 100 mm Caliper; or
1 existing coniferous tree with a minimum Height of 4.0 metres
7.2.2. 3 trees 1 existing deciduous tree with a minimum 200 mm Caliper; or
1 existing coniferous tree with a minimum Height of 7.0 metres
7.2.3. 1 shrub 1 existing deciduous shrub with a minimum Height of 300 mm; or 
1 existing coniferous shrub with a minimum spread of 450 mm