The documents posted here are the current edition of the City of Edmonton's Design and Construction Standards. Originally published as a three volume hardcover edition in 1999 and amended in May 2001, the current edition is only available through the City's website.

The standards are organized into 8 volumes by discipline. Each volume contains a design section, specifications and drawings as required, plus any other guidelines or manuals appropriate to that discipline.

The standards apply to City of Edmonton contracts and private development projects. The objective is to ensure that all infrastructure work in the City of Edmonton is constructed to a consistent standard. Keep in mind the following:

  • Volume 1: "General Provisions for Developers" outlines the responsibilities of developers during the construction phase of their projects and how they should interpret the specifications.
  • The Contract Documents are not intended to be used for work where the owner is not the City.
  • The Design Chapters are not meant to be considered as rigid requirements. The City will be receptive to change in those cases where variations will achieve a better technical or economical solution. Indeed, consultants are encouraged to seek new and better solutions.
  • The Construction Specifications apply to new developments designed by consultants and constructed by contractors employed by private owners, as well as infrastructure development and rehabilitation projects designed and constructed by the City using its own forces, consultants or contractors.

Design Standards by Subject

Volume 1 - General
Last updated December 2021

Volume 1: Table of Minimum Offsets (Excel version)
Volume 1: Table of Minimum Offsets (PDF version)
Google Sheets version available upon request, contact
Last updated January 11, 2022

Volume 2: Complete Streets Design and Construction* (Roadways)  (38MB)
Last updated October 2021
*Applied to all projects initiated after June 5, 2018.

Volume 3: Drainage
Last updated December 2021

Volume 3-01: Development Planning Procedure and Framework
Volume 3-02: Stormwater Management and Design Manual
Volume 3-03: Design Guidelines
Volume 3-04: Pump Station and Forcemain Design Guidelines
Volume 3-05: Drawing Requirements, Approvals, and Asset Acceptance/Transfer
Volume 3-06: Construction Specifications and Standard Drawings

Volume 4: Water
Last updated April 28, 2021

Volume 4: Water
Last updated April 28, 2021

Volume 5: Landscaping (2022)
Last updated January 10, 2022

Volume 5: Landscaping (2021) (12MB)
For projects from April 2021 and later. Last updated March 2021.

Volume 5: Landscaping (pre-2021) (11MB)
For projects before April 2021. Last updated June 2017.

Volume 6: Street Lighting Standards

Volume 7: Power (12MB)
Last updated July 2018

Volume 8: Pavement Marking
Last updated August 2019

The standards will be updated as necessary and revisions will be posted on the website.