Lot Grading Plan, approved by Development Services, Subdivision and Development Coordination, is required as part of the detailed engineering drawings for development servicing agreements, and as a surface drainage plan necessary pursuant  to other requirements or regulations are to include the items of:

  • Legal descriptions with general legal designation for all existing and proposed lots
  • Predevelopment topography with existing contours within the subdivision and extending to the adjacent lands
  • Representation of the major conveyance system including all drainage flow directions, ponding areas and maximum depth of ponding anticipated for a 1 in 100 year return frequency rainfall event, and elevations of overflow points
  • Surface slopes of roadways and other surfaces with flow direction arrows
  • Property boundary elevations including proposed or existing elevations, and design elevations at all lot corners
  • Lot drainage pattern for each lot indicating whether split drainage or through drainage is contemplated
  • Lot grading details with detail diagrams of the various types of lot grading arrangements
  • Roof drain provisions include all proposals of roof drain connections and surface discharge of roof drains
  • Foundation drainage details.
  • Swale details.
  • Provisions for properties abutting stormwater management facilities.
  • Easements and/or restrictive covenants related to drainage provisions and development restrictions

The example drawing provides general information of the Lot Grading Plan (for reference only).