A Lot Grading Plan, accepted by City of Edmonton Development Services, is required to support the Development and Building Permit application. Lot Grading Plan information must be presented on a Plan for the development to facilitate a single approval for the permit.

Upon application for a development permit for any land zoned Single Family, Semi-Detached (Duplex) the developer has to submit a proposed Lot Grading Plan for review and approval. 

For Row Housing (Three-plex or larger) has to submit a proposed Lot Grading Plan and a Site Mechanical Plan to EPCOR Water Services Inc. Infill Water and Sewer Servicing.

Lot Grading Plans are to include the following items:

  • Presentation on 8.5" x 14" (legal size) format in portrait orientation with the "REAR" of the lot at the top of the page and the "FRONT" of the lot labelled (this format supports the location references in the subsequent Lot Grading Inspection Reports)
  • Legal description and Municipal Address
  • Title identifying the purpose of the document (that is, Internal Lot Grading Plan, Proposed Drainage Plan), and “Revised” added to plan titles for revised submissions
  • Revision table added to plan to track revision history
  • A note indicating that the Grading is subject to approval by the local Authority
  • Proposed finished elevations at the front and the rear of the buildings (house and garage)
  • Proposed elevation at the driveway, parking pad or detached garage
  • Internal or common property drainage swales including design high points and intermediate grade points 
  • Surface slopes of drainage swales with flow direction arrows
  • Elevation of City right-of-way at the discharge ends of the swales (for example, back of walk and lip of lane)
  • A note indicating where retaining walls may be required for drainage purposes
  • A note indicating that downspout extensions must be directed towards the front or rear of the property
  • Identify existing mature trees, shrubs, power poles or other above ground features to be considered
  • Property boundary elevations include proposed and existing elevations at lot corners
  • Lot drainage pattern indicating whether split drainage or through drainage (for example, split drainage, front to rear, rear to front)
  • Rear internal swale  with proposed elevation (for example, in between house and detached garage)
  • Easements, Rights-of-way and/or restrictive covenants related to drainage provisions and development restrictions
  • Geodetic elevations
  • Scale of drawing
  • Building and Garage/parking pad layout
  • North Arrow
  • Legend
  • Applicant's name and contact information