Energy Efficiency and Energy Code for Buildings

The National Energy Code for Buildings 2020 and energy efficiency requirements of Section 9.36 of National Building Code (Alberta Edition) 2023  have been introduced by the Government of Alberta as part of the greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy. 

NBC(AE) 2023 and NECB 2020 introduced new tiered energy performance levels. Tiers are set by the provincial government. Effective May 1, 2024, applicants must meet the following tiers:

  NBC(AE) 2023 9.36 NECB 2020
Tier 1* 1
% energy improvement 0% 0%
% heat loss reduction 0% Not applicable

*Alberta Tier 1, applicants may follow 9.36.2 to 9.36.4, 9.36.5, 9.36.7, or 9.36.8

This table is provided for convenience and effort will be made to ensure timely updates for tier changes. Provincial direction overrides this table. Applicants are encouraged to subscribe to legislative updates to ensure they meet the applicable requirements. 

These codes are the minimum standard for construction effective May 1, 2024.