Pet owners who own a dog that is deemed ‘restricted’ must follow certain rules and regulations. At the City of Edmonton, dogs are only deemed "restricted" when convicted under the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw 13145 for:

  • Chasing, attacking or biting any person or animal with or without causing minor physical injury (two convictions), or 
  • Chasing, attacking or biting any person or animal causing physical injury (one conviction).

Regulations Applying to Restricted Dogs

1. Hold a Restricted Dog Licence

The licence fee for a dog convicted of chasing, attacking, or biting people or other animals is $250 per year. The fine for not obtaining that licence, or allowing that licence to expire without obtaining a new one is $500.

All dogs and cats in the city of Edmonton must be licensed annually. Although the City of Edmonton's legislation no longer restricts dogs by their breed, a valid pet licence is required from the Animal Care & Control Centre.

2. Obtain Liability Insurance 

You must have a minimum of $1 million liability insurance that specifically covers damages for personal injury caused by the Restricted Dog. The fine for not obtaining this insurance is $500.

3. Muzzle, Leash and Control on Public Property

If you take the Restricted Dog off your property, you must ensure that at all times it is:

  • Under control
  • Muzzled
  • Held on a leash no longer than two (2) metres

The fine for non-compliance is $500.

4. Controlled on Private Property

If the Restricted Dog is outside on your own property, it must be controlled in the following ways at all times:

  • Secured in a fully enclosed pen, or
  • Muzzled and secured by a chain fixed to the property that prevents the restricted dog from coming closer than two (2) metres to the apparent boundary of the property. Please note that a tether is not acceptable in meeting this requirement.

The fine for non-compliance is $500.

5. Other Regulations

As with any dog, a restricted dog is not permitted to commit the following:

  • Damage property 
  • Chase, attack or bite any person or animal*
  • Chase, attack or bite any person or animal causing physical injury*

Incidents involving these actions may lead to fines or additional enforcement actions. The fine is $500 if a dog chases, attacks or bites a person or animal and $2,500 if the chase, attack or bite to a person or animal causes physical injury.

*This section does not apply if the chase, attack, bite or damage is a direct result of the Restricted Dog being provoked.