The Animal Care & Control Centre has had to temporarily suspend the intake of healthy animals due to the rapid rise of the Omicron COVID-19 variant and the impacts this has had on our staff. 

However, we will still accept animals that are in distress, injured, or sick by appointment. This includes animals found out in the cold when it is below  -20 degrees with the windchill.

Priority intake is given to those animals who fit the following criteria:
• Outside in the cold when it’s below -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill
• Obviously ill (thin, weak, not mobile, any discharge from eyes or nose)
• Injured (wounds, limping, bleeding)
• Kittens under two months old that have no mother and the finder cannot care for them
• Very pregnant (imminent birth)

We ask that anyone who finds an animal experiencing the conditions above call 311 for further clarification. If it's after hours, you can also book an online appointment.

Pets bring a community to life and are an important part of many Edmonton families. Pet ownership is regulated under the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw and the Animal Protection Act.  The City of Edmonton's Animal Control Peace Officers works with pet owners to help ensure pets are a positive addition to the community. They also respond to animals in distress or animals that have been abandoned.    

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You can request an appointment time to visit the Animal Care and Control Centre using one of our online forms. 

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The City of Edmonton continues to use the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemptions Program.

As of Monday, November 15, only QR codes with your vaccination information or First Nations and/or the Canadian Armed Forces vaccine records will be accepted. 

If you have not already downloaded your QR code, you can do so at or through the Government of Alberta’s MyHealthRecords.

More information is available at

Masks and face coverings are also required indoors at all City facilities. More information is available at