A pet licence is a unique ID that tells us your pet belongs to you. It allows reunification more quickly if your pet ever gets lost or displaced in an emergency. However, pet licencing fees go towards supporting so much more than that - they benefit the animal community as a whole.

License Your Pet

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Where Do My Licence Fees Go To?

Your pet license also includes your City of Edmonton pet tag which helps increase the likelihood that if your pet is wearing it when it gets out it will be reunited with you. It also includes one free ride home each year.

Provides Food, Shelter, Medical Care and Enrichment

 For approximately 6,000 lost pets and stray animals each year.

Supports Local Rescues and Shelters

We partner with the Edmonton Humane Society and support other local rescues by ensuring that every animal that is transferred to them has been spayed/neutered and vetted before being transferred to the rescue to find their furever home.

Additionally, we offer the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) grant to not-for-profit pet rescue organizations that operate within the City. Grants are used specifically for rescue animals in need of medical  attention that aligns with ACCC's missions, including: spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, dental work and surgeries that result in an increased adoptability rate for the animals in care.

Provides Emergency First-aid Veterinary Care

 Every animal that finds its way into ACCC is given a medical exam, vaccinated and treated for any illness or injury. With an in-house surgery suite, we are also able to perform emergency surgeries. We also partner with Guardian Veterinary Centre which provides emergency veterinary care after-hours on behalf of the City.

Funds Low-Income Spay/Neuter Programs

 We contribute to the funding of the Edmonton Humane Society’s PALS program which assists Edmontonians who are unable to afford spay/neuter services. We also run programs such as Fix a Feline in an effort to support vet clinics and Alberta Helping Animal society. By helping spay/neuter animals in Edmonton, we take one step closer to getting at the root of pet overpopulation, preventing unwanted litters and reducing the number of homeless pets.

Supports Pet Owner Education & Enforcement of Animal Protection Laws

Responsible pet owners not only look after their pet’s health and wellness, but they also make sure their pet is a positive addition to the community. Our officers investigate complaints involving the neglect and abuse of animals within the City under the provincial Animal Protection Act.

What You Need To Know

  • Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted
  • You must be 18 or older to license a pet
  • The maximum number of pets allowed per residence is 6 cats and 3 dogs
  • Before you begin using the online system it is helpful to know:
    • The birth date of your pet (or an approximation)
    • If your pet has been spayed or neutered. If they have, please provide the date of their surgery as well as the name of the clinic where the surgery was performed (if available)
    • Your pet's microchip or tattoo number, if applicable

Note: If you are applying for a reduced fee because you receive Income Assistance, your dog is ‘Restricted’ or ‘Nuisance’ as defined by the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw or you are applying for a Guide/Assistance dog exemption, please do so in person with all necessary supporting documents.

Payments and applications may be submitted via your online account, in-person at the ACCC, or mailed to PO Box 2670, Edmonton, AB T5J 2G4.

Payment can also be made at any financial institution or via Online Banking payable to City of Edmonton Pet/Business Licences or Edmonton Pet & Business Licences.

Pet Licence Application Form (fillable PDF)