Although cats are allowed to roam within the City of Edmonton, they are always safest at home. This ensures that your pet doesn’t become one of 4,000 cats admitted into our facility each year or even worse, succumb to injuries while out. Please remember that your cat cannot be a nuisance to your neighbour and must hold a valid cat licence.

Safe Outdoor Alternatives

Being outside is great enrichment for your cat. For your cat’s safety, we recommend supervision at all times and the use of a harness and leash or to build an enclosure such as a “catio”. There are also fencing options that can prevent an animal from leaving, or entering the yard.

My Cat Needs To Roam

If you feel your cat needs to roam, please ensure it is micro-chipped/tattooed, holds a valid City of Edmonton cat licence and is not being a nuisance to your neighbours.  It is very important that their ID is connected to accurate contact information.  We also suggest identifying your cat as an outdoor cat through a vanity tag or custom collar and bell.

An unsupervised cat is at a risk of:

  • Being hit by a car

  • Threats from wild animals and other cats

  • Exposure to diseases from unvaccinated animals

  • Complaints or threats from other citizens

  • General elements such as rain, wind, cold and sun

  • Being caught in traps or exposure to toxic items

  • Being stolen or relocated

  • Not finding their way home