Please note: The information on this webpage still reflects the policies and regulations that were in effect prior to Zoning Bylaw 20001 coming into effect on January 1, 2024. 

If you have specific questions regarding how the current zoning regulations apply to your project, please refer to Zoning Bylaw 20001, speak with your Development Planner, or email us at

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Residential infill is the development of new housing in established neighbourhoods. This new housing may include secondary suites, garden suites, duplexes, semi-detached and detached houses, row houses, apartments, and other residential and mixed-use buildings.

The Residential Infill Guidelines provide direction to developers, communities, City staff and City Council on how infill development in mature neighbourhoods should occur. The Guidelines are an approved City Policy (C551) and were adopted in 2009.

The Residential Infill Guidelines Address:

  • Where different scales and forms of new housing should be located
  • How buildings and sites should be designed to support compatibility with existing housing and the neighbourhood context, as well as to support quality development that enhances the area

Where the Guidelines Apply

The Residential Infill Guidelines apply to all new housing in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. These neighbourhoods are identified in the Guidelines document and are those included in the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay of the Zoning Bylaw.

The Residential Infill Guidelines are used to evaluate residential rezoning and area/neighbourhood plan amendments, and to inform the development of new area/neighbourhood plans and changes to Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw.

All new housing within mature neighbourhoods should meet the overall goals of the Residential Infill Guidelines, as well as the guidelines specific to the scale and form of proposed development.

Are you thinking of building new housing in a mature neighbourhood?

  • Review the Residential Infill Guidelines and the appropriate infill brochures
  • Check to see if the development site is affected by an Area Redevelopment Plan or other type of plan guiding redevelopment in the neighbourhood
  • Check the Zoning Bylaw to see if the site is zoned for the type of development proposed
  • Check the location criteria of the Residential Infill Guidelines to see if they would support a rezoning of the site
  • Use the Residential Infill Guidelines for the type of development proposed and appropriate regulations of the Zoning Bylaw to design the building(s) and site
  • Contact and consult with Urban Planning and Economy as needed