Work at the Construction and Demolition Facility

Quality One (under contract to the City of Edmonton at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre) works with people who have trouble getting and keeping jobs. We have created a supportive workplace where people feel respected as they:

  • learn what is expected of them as employees, 
  • develop skills, and 
  • gain financial stability through year-round employment.

Our staff separate residential waste and construction and demolition waste into different streams for further processing and removes materials that would create problems for down-stream processing. In doing so, we are an integral part of Edmonton's waste management system. 

    Quality One operates from the Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, located at Site 480, 250 Aurum Road NE.

    Quality One logo

    Our Core Values
    • We will focus on what we CAN do
    • We will be respectful of each other at all times
    • We will have a positive attitude and do the best job we can every day
    • We will look for opportunities to laugh and celebrate together
    • We will be proud of the contributions we make at work
    • We will help and support each other every day
    • We will honour and embrace the diversity of the people we work with
    Working Conditions

    We expect staff to:

    • show up ready to work when scheduled,
    • work four 10-hour shifts each week and be available to work any day Monday through Saturday,
    • plan other activities around work schedules (schedules are known three weeks in advance), and
    • provide their own steel-toed boots.

    We provide employees with:

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),
    • coveralls (which are also laundered for staff),
    • a bus service to and from the Coliseum Transit Centre each day,
    • a standard Edmonton Transit Bus Pass each month (part of benefit package), and
    • Alberta Blue Cross coverage (after successful completion of a 3-month probation period).