We bring Water Safety Education to your classroom virtually with an interactive program for students to learn about the importance of safety when in, on and around water. Maximum of 40 students per presentation.

The 1 hour virtual program includes:

  • Pool Rules - Safe vs Unsafe and why
  • Boating Safety: When to go, what to take and why
  • Life Jacket/PFD Education: How to pick the right size and why we should wear them 
  • First Aid Kits and 911: How to use a first aid kit and how to call for help
  • Swim Survival Skills: Self rescue from semi deep water

You will receive a PDF of our water safety passport to be printed for each student in the class. Students will be asked to fill them out during the program.

Technology Required:

  • Option 1 - Smartboard, speakers and computer
  • Option 2 - Projector, speakers and computer